Buu Fire Breath
Dark buu breath
Debut saiyan x
Users Dark Buu
Class Energy Wave

Buu Fire Breath(ブウファイアーブレス) is one of Dark Buu's special techniques.

Dark Buu used this technique against X VEgeta in the first episode of saiyan x.

First Dark Buu changes to his Super Buu appearence for a brief moment and then he's been covered by a red aura, his body becomes bigger, he starts charging and he fires a huge destructive fire wave that burns everything in it's path.

After being overwelmed by X VEgetas Magna/Cannon , Dark Buu immediately fired the Buu Fire Breath, but he missed.

Buu Fire Breath is fan fiction technique and it was named and created in Dragon Ball: Wars wiki by User: Raging Gohan.