Dragon Ball /Z/GT
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Favorite Dragon Ball Techniques And AttacksEdit

This page is for your Favorite General Dragon Ball Techniques And Attacks.

Please put your name and the name of the fight under this section.

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Dark Prince's favorite techniquesEdit

I have a lot of favorites.

Energy Based: Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Galick Gun, Final Shine, Crimson Galick Gun, Final Explosion, Final Burst Cannon, Final Impact, Maximum Flasher, Dirty Fireworks, Big Bang Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha, Impact Bomb, Fools Must Die, Heres a Present, Begone, SS Deadly Bomber, Death Flash, Super Nova, Tri Beam, Spirit Tri Beam, Neo Tri Beam, Super Spirit Ball.

Physical (Rushes): Genocide Breaker, Double Galick Cannon, Galick Impact, Final Galick Cannon, Spirit Breaking Cannon, Amazing Impact, Dark Impact, Perfect Game, Beam Sword Slash, Stardust Breaker, Infinite Break, Atomic Blast, Brave Punisher, Behind You, See Ya, Arm Break, I'm a top class Warrior, Abyss Impact, Full Power SS Deadly Bomber, Lock on Buster, I didnt think you were that strong, Comic Illusion, Meteor Combinaton, Kaioken Attack, Kaioken Finish, Blinding Wolf Fang Fist, Volleyball Fist.

For example Supreme Gogeta's favorite techniques and attacksEdit

My favorite techniquesand attacks are fuesion, big bange Kamehameha,final Kamehameha, kaioken, Special Beam Cannon, Spirit Bomb, Death Beam, Destructo Disk, Hellzone Grenade, Evil Blast, Body Change, kamehameha, salza blade, and galick gun

So put your name and Techniques the way i did, as you see above.

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