Favorite General Dragon Ball Video GameEdit

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For example Supreme Gogeta's favorite video gameEdit

From all the games i played it would be a tie between Raging Blast 1 and Raging Blast 2

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Dark Prince's favorite gameEdit

I cant really say I have a number 1 favorite. There are many games I like pretty equally in their own ways.

Infinite World- i'll always have a soft spot for this game, mainly due to the fact dat it got me back into the series. it also has a cool roster as well as a nice story mode. a pretty good improvement from Budokai 3 in my opinion.

Tenkaichi 2- an awsome game and has by far one of the best roster's in a dbz game as well as a great story mode.

Tenkaichi 3- the story mode was dissapointing and they did indeed add a lot of useless characters, but at the same time they added some cool new characters and had a solid fighting system.

Raging Blast- the story mode was awesome. it introduced some cool what if stories & characters. the gameplay kinda sucked due to the unbalanced fighting system but this game was still awesome in a dbz perspective end of the day.

Raging Blast 2- the fighting system is certainly an improvement since rb1. the story mode, not so much lol. instead of galaxy mode, I wud rather they made a lot of new wot if stories. they didnt have to include the original story due to the fact dat we've played through it a million times in the past, but making new wot if saga's wud of been a great idea. overall, its still a solid game and very fun to play.

One last thing to mention is dat there is something dat all the dbz games have in common, and dats awesome soundtracks!

Blalafoon's favourite gameEdit

Budokai 2,Budokai Temkaichi 3, or Supersonic warriors 2 543px-GohanSSIIVsCellNVThe Blalafoon Choice?Tumblr lfk3jmQDz81qf8kb8o1 r2 400Give the Call!485px-172-44 16:55, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

gotek's favorite gameEdit

It's budokai tenkaichi 3, raging blast 2, or infinite world. user:gotek