Dragon Ball /Z/GT
‎This article is about the anime series "Dragon Ball/Z/GT", or the movies.

This page is a gallery of the Goku and Piccolo vs Raditz fight, fell free to add a pic, as long as it is from the fight.

  • Goku attacking Raditz
  • Piccolo charging the Special Beam Cannon
  • Goku charging the Kamehameha Wave
  • Raditz stepping on Goku's body
  • Raditz charging the Double Sunday
  • Goku fighting with Raditz
  • Goku overpowering Raditz to help Piccolo
  • Raditz kicking Goku upwards
  • Ratitz firing the Double Sunday
  • Goku watching the explosion caused by Raditz
  • Goku charging at Raditz
  • Raditz
  • Raditz dodging Goku's and Piccolo's attacks
  • Goku grabbing Raditz tail
  • Piccolo charges the Special Beam Cannon
  • Goku and Piccolo fighting Raditz

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