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This forum is for suggestions for Gohan's moveset in his base form for the next dbz game.--Goku-Angry-PictureRaginggohanGoku-Angry-Picturecontribs 16:52, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

Raging Gohan's moveset suggestionsEdit

Power Ups Suggestions:Edit

Power up 1: High Speed

Increaces speed to the very limit for 5 minutes.

Gohan Base Power Up 1

Counter Suggestions:Edit

Counter 1: Super Saiyan Revenge!

Gohan Base Counter 1

Super attack Suggestion:Edit

Super 1: Hyper Blast

Gohan Base Super 1

Super 2: High Power Kick

Gohan Base Super 2

Super 3: Raging Power Ball

Gohan Base Super 3

Super 4: Heavy Beating

Gohan Base Super 4

Super 5: Flash Explosion

Gohan Base Super 5

Super 6: Kick and Blast

Gohan Base Super 6

Super 7: Eraser Ball

Gohan Base Super 8

Super 8: Energy Shield

Gohan Base Super 9

Super 9: Super Kamehameha

Gohan Base Super 10

Super 10: Hyper Punch

Gohan Base Super 11

Ultimate Suggestions:Edit

Ultimate: Raging Blaster Ball (Adult Gohan Version)

Gohan Base Super 7

Goku-Angry-PictureRaginggohanGoku-Angry-Picturecontribs 16:52, February 12, 2011 (UTC)