Dragon Ball /Z/GT
‎This article is about the anime series "Dragon Ball/Z/GT", or the movies.

Hi, this page is for your thoughts and what you liked about Raditz.


  • Raditz is a total bad ass, he makes childs play out of both Goku and Piccolo who are some of the most deadly fighters in the universe. When he needs to get the job done he gets it done, (Like finding a Saiyan to take back for their planet conquest, hence he finds Gohan and simply snatches him up.) and when Raditz wants to have fun because he has the time he simply does it. (Beating the crap out of Goku and Piccolo.)
  • Raditz' design is totally awesome, all his equipment (Saiyan Armor, Scouter etc..) is all made for the sole purpose of killing. His hair is black and extremely long, his face is similar to Goku, but hes much taller and more built up with muscle.
  • He does what he pleases when he knows no one can possibly challenge him on Earth.